3 Tips To Customize the Look of Your Outdoor Space

During the summer months, one of the best places to escape the heat while still enjoying the outdoors may be the shade of your own backyard. Your backyard is your private retreat, an intimate haven shared only with a special few during small gatherings or family celebrations. As important as a location as your backyard space is, or could be, it deserves extra attention to detail so that it becomes as unique as it is special. Here are three tips to individualize your space:

1. The Details

The details are everything from the garden border you choose to the decorative iron chairs next to the birdbath. It would be nice if you could hire an artist to create unique designs for every part of your yard. While that may not be possible, there are some small places you can add a touch of creativity, starting with a custom fire pit screen. A custom screen over your cozy fire pit can give you and your visitors a focal point to admire and enjoy after the sun sets and the chilly air moves in.  It is little artistic touches like these that make your retreat a memorable place that intrigues the curious mind.

2. Water Features

A water feature doesn’t have to be a big, sparkling, blue pool, though pools are always nice. It can be as simple as a small fountain that adds a touch of soothing background noise with it’s soft, trickling flow of water. Water features can be easy to customize. A small pond with plants and a fountain can be designed in any way you please. Use brick, rock or pavers to border the edges. Even add unique statuary for a Greek Revival feel. Or, keep it as small as a porcelain bowl spilling over with moss. The possibilities are endless.

3. Lighting

It would be a shame if you could only enjoy your soothing space during the daylight hours. Adding soft, ambient lighting can create a sense of celestial wonder. Flickering lanterns or candles are simple yet elegant. A string of lanterns crossing over the patio can be fun and romantic. The lighting you choose should be bright enough to allow for visibility of your surroundings, but soft enough to keep the mood relaxing and stress-free.

Starting with these simple touches to your quiet outdoor space can lead to ongoing inspiration. Your background will evolve into a space that reflects your values and artistic tastes. Start simple and see where it takes you.

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