How to Encourage Your Children to Pursue Higher Learning

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If you have teenagers at home who are close to earning their high school diplomas, you may be trying to encourage them to pursue some type of higher education after graduation. What this type of education looks like may vary.

Perhaps you’re encouraging them to pursue an additional four-year degree. Or maybe they have a skill that may be enhanced by attending a trade school or pursuing an internship. Whatever that additional learning looks like, here are some tips to convince your youth that it will be worth it.

Higher Learning Equals Higher Salaries

Perhaps your youngster is eyeing up a new Chevrolet for sale to drive to school and for weekend outings. You may choose to sit them down and explain the higher costs of a nicer vehicle and how those costs are more easily managed when they earn a higher income.

The higher salary achieved by additional schooling of any kind means that the vehicle, home, and lifestyle they may desire are within closer reach. Historically, those who earn higher degrees or certifications above a high school diploma will earn more money over their lifetimes. 

Higher Learning Equals Greater Career Satisfaction

In addition to a higher income, explain to your child that those who earn additional degrees and certifications are more likely to be satisfied with their careers. Sit down with them and discuss what subjects interest them the most, or what skills they are most proud of. Encourage them to attend job fairs and participate in job shadowing so that they may explore the wealth of careers that exist. Perhaps they will discover a career path they’d never considered. 

Once your child has narrowed down their interests, consider what types of additional schooling or training are required for those career paths. Reassure them that they will enjoy the additional studying more because they are interested in the subject. And because they are interested in the subject matter, they will be more satisfied in the resulting career. Emphasize the fact that when one is passionate about his or her work, then work feels less like work and more like a calling.

Higher Learning Opens Doors 

Another key advantage to achieving higher learning is that it opens doors to opportunities that may otherwise be closed. Perhaps your child achieves a diploma or certification in one subject, but later on, decides to pursue an alternative career. Or perhaps the economy takes a turn for the worse, and few jobs are available within his or her field of study.

The fact is, achieving higher learning of any type looks good on a resume and may open doors to alternative jobs and opportunities. Hiring managers favor those who have shown the initiative to achieve higher learning and will consider these individuals even if their degrees or certifications don’t exactly match the position.

The Benefits of Higher Learning Are Numerous!

Whichever ways you choose to encourage your child to pursue higher learning, the effort will pay off. Convince them of the many advantages of these pursuits, and you are more likely to see them not only succeed but also find joy in their path.

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