Throwing the Ultimate Kids’ Party


Kids these days — they can be a confusing bunch! So when the time comes to throw a party for your child or a group of children, things can get stressful fast. What would the perfect kids’ party look like? How can you juggle all of the responsibilities that come with party planning?

Relax! We’re here to help you plan the perfect party and make this big event memorable for your child.

Plan early, plan extensively

The key to a stress-free party experience is the same for kids’ parties as it is for adults: you need to plan early! If you wait until the last minute to nail things down, you’re going to be in a world of stress. So start now and figure out the basics: where the party will be hosted, how many guests will be coming, and when the party is happening. Get invitations out early, too, so that you can get a sense of attendance from the RSVPs (and so that you can give people plenty of time to get those RSVPs back to you, too).

Your plan should be detailed, too. Check out online checklists to see what bases you need to cover, and then cover them! The more you have planned ahead of time — and the fewer responsibilities that you have on the day of the party — the less stressful this experience will be.

Involve your kid in the planning — but don’t put them in charge!

It’s hard to know what kids like. Some of their interests seem foreign to us adults, and kids are capable changing passions and hobbies the way that adults change clothes! So, when in doubt, turn to the people who will be at the center of the party: the kids!

If you’re planning a birthday party, ask your child what they think of some of your options. Let them guide you to a party that can’t fail.

Of course, you need to be careful about how you ask these things. Present your child with options and make limitations clear. Don’t allow them free reign on open-ended questions, or you may be setting your party up for disappointment when it can’t deliver live dinosaurs or visits from astronauts.

Outsource, outsource, outsource

You’re not alone in the party-planning world. There are tons of services and companies that exist solely to help people like you pull off the perfect party. So when the stress is starting to feel overwhelming, call up the party pros!

You can hold the entire party at places that offer all-in-one kids’ parties, of course, but you don’t have to give in completely to get a little help. Consider working with a party planner, or simply renting some party attractions from a party store. There are a ton of incredible things that you can rent, from bounce castles to dunk tanks. There are even laser tag rentals available — take advantage of those to turn a backyard or another safe, open space into a temporary laser tag war zone!

You can also borrow the talents of performers who specialize in birthday parties. Hiring a talented performer is a great way to have a Disney princess or Captain America make an appearance at your kid’s birthday without having to actually place a call to the Magic Kingdom or get in touch with the Avengers!

Party planning isn’t always easy, but it can be much more manageable if you plan early and seek help from the experts (including your child!). And everything will be worth it when your child’s face lights up at that perfect party.

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