3 Closet Staples Every Woman Needs


With the change in season comes the desire to revamp our closets. We can put away our light summer dresses and embrace cozy jumpers and winter coats; we can exchange bright colors for earthy tones. The change of season, going from summer to winter, is the ideal time to reassess our current closet and discover what we might need to ensure we’re warm, cozy and comfortable for the upcoming months. With that in mind, there are three staples every woman needs in her closet, as explored below.

1.   Great Underwear

Comfort begins at skin level, and what better way to ensure comfort than investing in your underwear? By choosing underwear which not only looks stunning but feels incredible can ensure you feel confident and comfortable all day long, whether you’re in the office, out with friends, or on a date. To help your skin breathe, opt for soft cotton when choosing your next underwear set. What’s more, comfort doesn’t equal boring, and your size doesn’t need to restrict the gorgeous underwear you can wear. There are beautiful plus size bras available which will help you ooze elegance while being comfortable and correctly fitting for your size.

2.   A Pair of Jeans

Jeans are a staple in any woman’s wardrobe for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are ideal for the cold winter months as you can choose to wear boots, tucking the jeans into them. Secondly, jeans are perfect for both casual wear and for after-work drinks. Available in a variety of colors and styles, jeans suit any shape and most occasions. There are straight leg jeans, which are perfect for tucking boots into, or there are boyfriend jeans which are casual and comfortable, perfect when at home. If you are heading to a bar, you can team your denim jeans with a smart blouse and heels. If you are in the office, opt for black denim, a shirt, and a blazer to create a relaxed yet professional style. For those who wish to show a little skin and their personality, choose ripped jeans, which you can wear with trainers or boots to add edge to your closet.

3.   A Cozy Winter Coat

With the cold, wet weather approaching, every woman’s closet needs a staple winter coat to rely on during these months. A winter coat should stand you in good stead for all weathers; from rain showers to snow storms. When shopping for a winter coat, ensure you place quality over price. While the $15 jacket may sound like a bargain, if it lets the rain soak you to your skin in the next shower, it’s a waste of money. Therefore, a winter coat needs to be an investment. Plus, it needs to be in a style which you can wear year after year. For those who live in areas which are particularly susceptible to snow in the winter, look for a coat which offers cozy lining inside, such as fleece to keep you warm. For those who live in an area which sees occasional rain, a detachable hood can ensure you look both stylish and practical the next time the clouds open.

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