Best Advice for Great Photo Book Layouts

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When you are putting together a photo book, the layout must reflect your main ambitions for it. Otherwise, you can end up with a finished product that you are simply unhappy with, as well as one that is not telling the story in the way that you would like it to. When it comes to great photo book layouts, there is a lot to be said, but this has all been boiled down to a few simple pieces of advice that you are going to find below.

Do Not Overcrowd the Space

Taking the mantra ‘less is more’ is a highly useful starting point when it comes to a photo book. This means that when you are having it created by Blurb or a similar company, you should not try to cram in too much on the page that will distract the eye and take away the focus from what you are trying to achieve. It is sometimes the case that a single photo on a page is going to work best as it means that the eye will not be distracted and pulled away.

Decide on a Focal Point

On the pages on which you decide that more than one photo is going to work, you need to have a clear and obvious focal point that ensures a comfortable viewing experience. In fact, it may be the case that you want to have one or two larger photos with some smaller ones acting as the supporting cast. This way, if somebody is simply flicking through the book, they are going to get the main gist of the theme without feeling like they are totally overwhelmed.

Vary Your Structures

Suppose you just have the same pattern of photos repeated over and over again. This can easily lead to a situation that is simply not interesting for the viewer to experience. Instead, you should think about having different structured on the page. This way, you are constantly creating something that presents a high degree of interest, and you are not developing the type of album that will be slammed shut without much of a second thought.

Try to Tell a Story

Rather than simply being about the layout on the page, this piece of advice involves the importance of being able to tell a story through the photos. Essentially, this means that you should try to group the photos together so that they have some sort of meaning. Alternatively, you can have a simple chronological approach, but it is always a nice idea if you are able to put in some interesting supporting documents within there such as invitations, marriage certificates, flyers, etc. Laying out a photo book well can really put the finishing touches on the pictures that you have chosen. So, try to ensure that you are being creative in your approach and creating a memorable item that you can keep and treasure for years to come. Having a story in a photobook will make it so much more meaningful when you go through it.

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