Are you overwhelmed Christmas? Some ideas to help


It’s amazing how fast time passes. We are one week in December, and I have to believe it’s Christmas since early November for all products that are in malls from those dates. I look forward to listening to Christmas songs and I’m controlling not put the tree (especially because we do organizational change at home, if not …). Late last month or early this, I was Lidl to buy some stuff and I noticed they were already selling Christmas items and Christmas food already? That was the first thing I thought.

Then I began to overwhelm me. Toys, Santa Claus, Kings, lunch, dinner, shopping, ornaments … And all the remaining Christmas paraphernalia involved Why are there so many things to do on Christmas? Does not be happier simplifying? For me, Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the Savior, and there is nothing more beautiful than to celebrate with family. I suggest some ways to simplify Christmas and focused on what really worthwhile.

Make purchases in November and early December. Not only saved, otherwise we anticipate the comparer burden (up word) formed in malls. What we are doing this year is to go shopping, as do the weekly shopping for food, add an item we know we will need some meals during Christmas, like ham, pate, cheese, meat, etc. It is this week, but still can be made in early December Anticipating gifts early.

A couple of years ago, my husband and I were walking the last days before kings for some toy stores. L was with grandparents and decided to hit. What a racket! You saw the distressed, overwhelmed parents, desperate and looking for some toys. When they were told that they ran, ran to another store! I think this can be avoided if things eventually do. L is still very small, so I can not advance much, lest the kings you buy something and she requests otherwise. But those with older children can go by the letter to the kings and so have things well in advance.

Create your own Christmas traditions Depending on the age of children and family members, you can do many different things. From going to take chocolate with churros, to go to concerts. We left last year to L with grandparents and went to a concert that gave the orchestra with the choir. It was special because we love the work of Handel’s Messiah. Enjoy as ever, being aware that the next year we could not go because we would have very little one to leave with grandparents E. It is best to have a family reunion in late November and think of activities we’d do. Perhaps seeing wander downtown Christmas lights, go somewhere special, visit the circus, make invisible friend in the family … Eliminate excess Christmas sweets (very optional).

We do not eat nougat or marzipan, or shortbread, especially because we do not like. Actually I’m the one who ate when we got married, and I thought “I am not going to buy for stuff myself I”, so I decided not to buy them and do the sweets we like to eat, such as muffins, Argentine bun (recipe here ) biscuits … And this year I will try to make the panetone … yuju! I Hope this can help improve some dates where we’re supposed to be “happier” but in reality are “over burdened than ever. ”

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