How Weight Loss Can Benefit Your Physical Health


Whether you have recently put on a few extra pounds or you have struggled with overweight or obesity for most of your life, you can see significant physical benefits with just a 5-10% reduction in your body weight. Before searching for a weight loss trainer Novato CA, consider the following benefits of weight loss programs.


Diabetes can be prevented or delayed through weight loss. Add in 30 minutes of exercise 5 days per week, and you reduce this even further. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you may be able to reduce your medicine dependency and maintain better control of your blood sugar by losing weight.

When you have extra weight in your abdomen, your body becomes insulin resistant. Insulin maintains normal blood sugar levels, and resistance requires your body to produce more. Small amounts of weight loss improve insulin resistance.

Joints and Inflammation

Added weight wears on your joints and causes inflammation, which damages your tissues over time. Even 10 pounds adds significant pressure to your joints, causing them to work much harder, and may result in arthritis later in life.

Inflammation may cause arthritis, stroke, heart disease and heart attack. A 10% reduction in weight lowers inflammation, reducing your risk of these diseases.

Heart Health

Healthy foods reduce bad cholesterol, but raising your good cholesterol requires loss of body fat and exercise. However, managing your cholesterol significantly reduces your risk of heart disease, and thus, heart attacks. Triglycerides are also reduced as you lose weight, reducing your risk of heart attack and stroke.

Your blood must be pumped, and thus push harder, against your artery walls if you have extra body weight. By losing weight, you can significantly lower your blood pressure (5 points per 5% reduction in body weight). Add ha healthy diet, and you decrease this number even further.


Breast cancer can be reduced by up to 12% with just a small 5% reduction in body weight. In addition, hormones like estrogen, androgens and insulin have been linked to cancers, but these hormones are reduced as your body loses weight.


Extra weight results in extra tissue in the back of your throat. This extra tissue may block your airway, causing you to stop breathing during the night. Sleep apnea can be reduced or eliminated by losing weight. Getting better sleep may lead to a slimmer you.

Consider protecting your body and pursuing a weight loss plan if you are overweight or obese.

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