How to Plan a Humanist Funeral


Planning your funeral can be a tough thing to do, but it will be even harder if you are having to plan one for a loved one who hasn’t left their wishes behind. To save your loved ones from the heartache of having to make such tough decisions after you pass, consider planning your funeral in advance.

There are many benefits to planning your funeral ahead of time. These include benefits such as locking in a particular price in an era when costs are rising all the time, to making sure your loved ones pick the songs you want sung and played, rather than the ones you really didn’t!

Non-Religious Services

One of the most popular funerals now are humanist funerals. Humanist funerals are popular for those who have no religious belief and still want a send-off that will ‘feel’ like a funeral.

Many funeral directors Chiswick and across the country are now specializing in humanist funerals and helping you to decide exactly what you want when you pass.A good funeral director will understand that everyone is different and that every funeral and funeral plan will be individual to the person who is planning their passing and celebration of life. You’ll find many will give no judgment and are happy to accommodate as much as possible, as long as it doesn’t cross the line into more to a religious service.

Civil Funeral

If you or your loves one does have a faith, but it isn’t rigidly set in stone, or doesn’t particularly follow the set structures of traditionally organized religions, then a civil funeral may be a better choice.

Funeral celebrants at a civil funeral will work with you and your loved ones to ensure that your funeral is planned in exactly the way you’d like to go. This can range from music to wording, location to venue for the wake, or whatever other type of celebration you’d like.

Humanist Funeral

Humanist funerals, on the other hand, do not include any religious overtones. This can be really good for people who genuinely do not believe in any kind of faith or religion and would like their funeral to become more of a celebration of their life, rather than tied to a particular ideology or narrative.

Within the humanist funeral scope, you’re able to really build a service that suits you, with your own particular music instead of hymns (My Way by Frank Sinatra is a popular song). You’ll also be able to choose your own locations. It also includes whether you’d like your wake to be held in a local village hall or football club, or even where you’d like to be buried such as a peaceful woodland area, or even out to sea for those who have a connection to the ocean.

Humanist funerals are becoming even more popular for younger people, as the rate of religious uptake falls throughout the developed roles. A humanist funeral will allow your loved ones to celebrate your life as well as acknowledge the grief that others will inevitably be going through after your passing.

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