5 ideas for decorating your home for fall and Halloween

home decoration

1) Leaf Garland

Take a morning or afternoon to go and collect leaves with your child. Comfortable shoes or ankle boots, a paper bag each and off to find the most beautiful leaves.

You can look for leaves of the same type but of different color, of many different shapes, all of the same color or look for leaves that put together create a shade of colors (for example from bright green / yellow to red).

When you get home, wash those dirty with earth and then put your leaves to dry. In the afternoon or in the following days you can create your own wreath. You can hang it on the front door or even in a corner of the hall or living room and it will give you good feel when you browse australian pokes online.

Depending on your imagination and dexterity, and those of your child, you can choose the type of garland to create.

Here are some ideas:

– Playful wreath: You can make a design on a card and attach the leaves with glue. For example, you can draw a scarecrow’s face and stick leaves around it to make a nice scarf.

– Classic garland: You can glue the leaves onto a wooden or cardboard circle or a metal hanger shaped for the occasion.

– Elegant garland: you can create a braid with strings of rope or straw, close them in a circle and decorate it with the collected leaves.

2) Decorations on Furniture

Pine cones, chestnuts, candles, leaves, twigs and jute ribbon. Use these elements to decorate your furniture.

For example, I have more decorated furniture in the house .

I have a red centerpiece with 3 pine cones of different sizes and a scented candle on top, on the balcony I have two large lanterns, on my decorative ladder I have a small wooden tray with pine cones and some acorns, while on the coffee table in front of the sofa I have created a center board with branches shaped to create a circle, red and yellow leaves attached to the branches and a candle in the center. Set your sofa in a corner place where you feel relaxed to ready or browse smartphone to enjoy online casino usa.

3) Desserts and Candies

October is the time when hot drinks are once again the most popular. A hot tea or chocolate is the ideal drink for gloomy days. But also the sweets are certainly welcome to pamper us during the cool autumn evenings.

In addition, on Halloween evening, children may knock on your door looking for sweets, so you absolutely must be prepared!

To hold your sweets you can get an old polenta pot, a metal pot holder or a witch’s cauldron.

You can buy candy or make cookies to decorate with honey, chocolate or sugar paste.

Baking cookies is one of those affinity-building activities, so it is perfect to do with your child or with the whole family.

4) Thrilling Entrance

If you are thinking of throwing a home party for Halloween night , you can prepare a thrilling entrance for your guests.

Have your child help you create cobwebs using cotton wool or wool thread.

Attach the wire from one side of the corridor to the other, above and below, all crossed .. and you will have created a real obstacle course made of cobweb threads . Spider mites attached here and there will make your web even more beautiful.

(if you don’t want to do it at the entrance you can create a small play path in a corner of the house, so that it can become a fun game for young and old)

5) Beautiful Dresses

To welcome the children to your party or simply when they ring your door, let them find you prepared! With a nice haunted costume you will surprise everyone!

It is also a great way to play fancy dress together with your baby.

Look for the weirdest sweaters or the ones you don’t use anymore, long skirts, broken socks and shoes, some old shirts, ribbons, scarves and shawls.

You can also make your own tricks available. Then sit back and let your child choose the dress, make-up and wig for you for once!

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