What to Do When You Are Struggling Financially


Many families struggle with their finances at some point during their lifetime, and this is nothing to be ashamed of when thinking about seeking help. If you are struggling to pay your bills, have no money for food and necessities, or your finances are affecting your quality of life, it is important that you seek the help that you need to stay afloat.

  • Get Help With Housing

Many families do all that they can to save up the funds they need to buy or rent a family home which they can be safe and secure within. Without this, families can often find themselves in potentially dangerous situations or living a low quality of life. If your financial situation is preventing you from buying a house through circumstances outside of your control, there are charities and campaigns that can help to boost your funds and savings. Habitat for Humanity Charleston works to provide families who are struggling financially with the houses that they deserve, enabling them to own a home of their own for the first time.

  • Seek Confidential Advice

If you are in debt or having trouble budgeting for your expenses, you should seek out confidential advice services that can help to advise you on your next steps and how you can get out of debt or your financial situation. There are many traditional financial services programs within different communities that can provide financial advice to families and individuals in need, as well as community organized events throughout the year. However, many families may find it easier to connect with an online advisory service which uses automated tools to help you to organize your finances.

  • Find Out About Benefits and Loans

For families and individuals that are struggling financially, there are many benefits and government loans which can help you to survive for a temporary period. For instance, aid programs can help unemployed individuals to have financial support as they look for a job, and each state has unemployment insurance programs to help you with this. If your family is struggling for food due to financial loss, the government can also provide you with food stamps through the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, which can help you to get the food that you need with the aim of self-sufficiency in the future.

  • Learn How to Budget Efficiently

To stop your family from falling into financial difficulty in the future, you will also need to learn how to budget efficiently from your funds. You can do this by using online budget calculators which help you to determine your necessities such as rent and bills and any extra money that you have to spend on food, toiletries, and entertainment.

  • Speak to Your Bank

Although you may believe that your bank will be the least likely source of support, speaking to your bank may enable you to arrange extensions on debt repayments and loans, and may help you to avoid fines and escalations for late payments. Not only this, but your bank is the best source of advice about money, and many banks run resources to help struggling families to support themselves in the future.

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