4 Tips for Preventing Obesity in Your Children


Obesity is a growing problem in America and is now beginning to affect children as well as adults. One study revealed that incidents of childhood obesity have tripled in the past 40 years and include both young children and teens. These numbers are a cause for concern; however, there are a few ways you can keep obesity at bay when it comes to your children, and most are simple to implement.

1. Encourage Healthy Eating Early

Teaching your child about eating healthy as early as possible can prevent childhood obesity. Encourage your little one to try as many fruits and veggies as you can offer once they can chew and swallow properly. Keep fruit juice and beverages that include added sugar to a minimum and offer water instead.

While sweets are a part of childhood, being mindful of how often your children eat them can prevent rapid weight gain. Avoid using candy or ice cream as part of a reward system and offer trips to the park or local activity center instead. Ask the parents of your children’s friends to let you know if they plan to offer your kids sweets or fattening foods at a special event so you can add those calories to their nutrition plan.

2. Make Small Changes

If you plan to cut out white flour, refined sugar, and other ingredients that can cause obesity from your family’s meals, it is a good idea to make small changes so your kids can make the transition to healthier options. For example, use corn tortillas instead of flour for making homemade burritos and quesadillas and offer a fruit option for dessert a few times a week in place of cookies.

3. Ban Soda From the Home

Few beverages contain more sugar than soda. Some brands contain over 50 grams of sugar per a 12-ounce can, which is equal to over 12 teaspoons. Consuming this much sugar not only contributes to obesity but can also cause rapid tooth decay, irritability from afternoon sugar crashes, and increase sugar cravings.

Setting a good example for your kids can help them kick the soda habit. Replace it with fizzy drinks that are lightly sweetened with fruit or a natural sweetener. If your kids have put on weight from drinking too much soda, encourage them to take walks with you and talk about the importance of safe weight loss, such as reading Le-Vel Thrive reviews and other informative data before adding them to your diet strategies.

4. Make Meal Time Family Time

Sharing food preparation with your kids can be a great teaching opportunity, especially when it comes to nutrition. Even small children can understand concepts like portion control and why vegetables are better for your body than fatty meats. As you share recipes with your kids, talk about the importance of cooking from scratch and how it can help you avoid weight gain from pre-packaged foods. Search for healthy dishes together and make the preparation a family affair.

If losing weight is a goal for both you and the rest of your family, choosing foods for family meals can be a challenge. However, you can support each other by grocery shopping as a unit and avoiding fatty or sugary foods when temptation arises. Let your spouse know where your greatest weaknesses are when it comes to giving into cravings so he or she can help you avoid those foods. Read Thrive reviews on your mobile device as you shop to get inspired about weight loss and proper nutrition.

Preventing obesity in your children can be a challenge, especially in a world where fatty, pre-packaged, and sugar-laden foods and drinks are so readily available to them. However, setting a good example and teaching them about nutrition early on may help them avoid weight gain and maintain a healthy weight well into their adult years.

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