What message do we want to launch our children?


A few weeks ago, we were my daughter, my son and I in the elevator. I looked in the mirror and said, “I’m fat”.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that day I felt that way. E. In pregnancy I took more weight desired, so I’m still carrying with him. Nor do I obsess much to the topic, since being breast-feeding is not possible dieting. The most important thing is to eat healthy and varied, without overdoing things we know we feel that burn worse or worse.


But that day, tired, overwhelmed and a little slap, was that message which threw my “I” mirror.

The second, my daughter said me too. What!!! Sometimes I say things like “I’m tired” and L says “me too”.

But I did not want that L said, at that time, “me too”!

So I immediately said “no, L, you’re not” and tried to change the message “I’m beautiful!” for her to say “me too”, but now L was already busy with something else.

There is a video that I love, it’s on youtube, and says the role model for our daughters is ourselves. If you do not want, if we do not appreciate, neither will they. The video is called “Project I Am Beautiful” and loved it. When L told me that, I immediately thought of the video and it helped me to think about the message that I am transmitting to L. Our daughters and sons should know that we are beautiful, we respect us and appreciate, that they and they do the same. If we “mistreat” negative and discouragement words, the message we convey to you is that okay underestimated. We fill our heads negative affirmative, and our children believe that’s what needs to be done, they will, and in the future will be kids and negative and sad girls. So, what message we want to launch our children? We are beautiful and are happy with ourselves.

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