Chicken kebabs with cream cheese


kabaabThis type of recipes, besides being very versatile, because you can still substitute the chicken for pork, apple or pineapple, etc., are appealed for informal meals, offering flavors that nobody can resist.

Ingredients: Serves 4 to 6 servings. 3 chicken breasts, ½ onion, 24 cherry, tomatoes 1 large, apple, 40 grams of goat, cheese 70 grams, grated Manchego cheese A small serving of milk oregano vinaigrette green olives salt extra virgin olive oil.

How to prepare: Cut the breasts diced chicken and vinaigrette aderézalas with green olives, oregano and salt and marinate at least half an hour. Peel the apple and cut into cubes, peel the onion and cut attempting to make sized pieces of chicken, washed cherry tomatoes. Thread onto skewers a given chicken, a piece of onion, apple, cherry tomato and back again with the same ingredients. Make skewers grilled with a little oil and turning them over to brown on all sides. Prepare cream cheese very simple and fast. In a bowl introduces sliced ​​or grated cheese and poured two fingers of milk, introduced in microwave 1 minute and ½ or two, depending on the power of your microwave and stir until it is a fine cheese sauce, add some oregano and smoked for a touch of flavor salt. Serve chicken skewers aderézalas dishes with a little cheese sauce. Do not forget to serve a more cream cheese salsa to delight diners. Enjoy !!!

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