5 questions related to diets

5 questions related to diets

Is it easy dieting and eating with the rest of the family?

You can easily keep in your diet without neglecting family meals. If the menus are well balanced and varied, all you need to do is adjust the quantities to the needs of each individual. It is simpler and more enjoyable for everyone. Is it possible to prevent some diseases worrying about what you eat? Certainly. A balanced diet is essential to prevent certain diseases such as hypertension, osteoporosis, obesity and high cholesterol.

To live well is first important to eat well. What foods cause allergies? Foods that cause most allergic reactions are certain types of fish, shellfish, eggs, bananas, kiwi and seeds (walnuts, peanuts and hazelnuts). Certain types of dyes and artificial sweeteners can also cause allergic reactions. What factors aggravate high cholesterol?

Smoking, obesity, lack of exercise and stress. . A balanced diet containing fewer calories and fats along the sustained practice exercises help lower high cholesterol Why the Mediterranean way of cooking is good for health?

The Mediterranean diet is a model of healthy eating habits: little meat but large amounts of seafood, dairy products and olive oil at every meal, large amounts of vegetables and fruits, whether dried or fresh. As a result of this diet have lower levels of cardiovascular disease in the Western world. Obesity and osteoporosis are also relatively rare.

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