The Best Tennis Accessories


Contrary to the days of McEnroe and Edberg, tennis is now one of the most “techy” sports out there! Even club level players are obsessed with testing all the latest tennis racket and string technology as well as the various accessories the game’s manufacturers have to offer us.

Utilising the latest tennis accessories can radically transform your game. You can even get detailed, instant feedback on all of the various aspects that make up a tennis player, from swing analysis to how fast you can serve!

Here is a list of the best tennis accessories to start improving your game today!

Speed Radar

The serve is the most important shot in tennis and having access to good power will help you to win more matches. An accurate speed radar from a company like PocketRadar will help you to monitor your serve speed as you improve your technique over time in your training. You could also use this during your practice matches to see how consistently you hit your serving speed goals over the course of a few hours when you are tired.

Racket Overgrips

It’s essential to have a number of replacement overgrips in your tennis bag, so you can switch over quickly during a match or training session. After a few hours of solid hitting, your current grip will become worn and drenched in sweat! This can lead to the racket flying out of your hand, (we’ve all been there!) which could potentially lead to a damaged racket and almost certainly, a lost point. Different players have different preferences with these – some prefer a drier, less tacky grip, whereas others prefer a softer, tackier grip like the Wilson Pro Overgrip. You can find one that suits your game, or any other tennis equipment advice by visiting

Tennis Cap or Visor

Although it feels great to be out playing tennis on a warm day, there’s nothing worse than tossing the ball up on your serve and being blinded by the sun! This can make trying to serve accurately extremely difficult indeed and often leads to more regular double faults during matches. Having a good tennis hat or visor can really make a difference on court, when you are serving into the sun. Additionally, it gives you that all important heat protection on court and helps to keep your skin healthy. This is essential if you are out playing tennis for several hours at a time during the intense summer periods.

Energy Drinks/ Gels

It’s vitally important to eat slow-release carbohydrate foods 2-3 hours before your matches or training sessions to ensure you have sustained energy throughout the course of your exercise. However, you also need regular boost of energy during a match to supercharge your game! This is where energy gels and drinks come in. Of course, you could go for something more classic like a banana, but you’ll always see the professionals sipping on an energy drink, high in sugar and also packed with all the necessary recovery agents, too.


The simple towel has always been associated with tennis! You only have to watch a professional tennis match on TV for a couple of mins, before seeing players requesting their towel from one of the ball kids! And for good reason! Eliminating sweat from your body and hands will allow you to grip the racket better and help prevent it from slipping from your hand. As we mentioned previously in the article, you’ll also see the pros changing their overgrips regularly too.

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