The Adoption Checklist for Every Family


Adoption is an incredible opportunity for both the family and the child. The child gets a home where they feel safe and welcome, and the family gets another family member who can uplift, support and grow with them. If you are planning on adopting a child, here are somethings you should consider first.

1. Get The Details

Adoption can take a lot of work. Find a few agencies or an adoption facilitator in your area that can help you start the process. Learn about all the responsibilities you would have as an adoptive parent and start listing the steps needed to qualify for an adoption.

It’s also wise to learn more about prospective mothers and their perspective. This is a hard journey for everyone, so keep an open mind and learn what you can.

2. Prepare Yourself Mentally

There are many reasons why a family may want to adopt. This process can be mentally stretching. As you prepare your home for a new member of the family, also prepare your mind. Work to move on from emotional struggles that may prohibit you from being completely ready and prepare yourself to love the child as they come, no matter how hard it may be at first.

It’s important to prepare your family, too. Discuss goals with your spouse and answer any questions that family members may have about adoption. Get excited and encourage everyone to enjoy the journey.

3. Prepare Others

If you are ready and willing to adopt, let your friends and extended family be part of the journey. Sometimes adoption can be expensive, but you can ask for the support of those you know. Take this opportunity to educate others about the reality of adoption through social media, phone calls and meetings.

If you are looking for support, try to find other adoptive parents who understand your struggles and build relationships with them. Find both local and online resources and reach out to those you already know who have experience the adoption journey.

4. Meet Requirements

To ensure the safety of the child, there are many requirements you must meet. The conditions depend on your state’s adoption laws. Along with filling out forms, background checks and meeting certain requirements, be prepared to pay a certain amount. Start saving now, create a few fundraisers and seek ways to make ends meet.

Adoption can be life-changing on both sides. If you are serious about adoption, research and call the right people to get the process started.

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